What is this?


As we strive to help keep and improve our quality of life in Santa Clara, there has also been much discussion about creating visibility and better management of the community's inputs with amongst each other, the City, and others. So I thought I would try to help as a resident.

So this has been created to help track, share, and provide visibility of the feedback, comments and issues provided by Santa Clara residents. This allows us to know each other's needs better, and also be able to make it visible to any determine to consider.

Please NOTE: THIS ISN'T from or by the CITY and DOESN'T replace official communications to and wit the CITY or any related organizations. This is to provide residents and community a tool and power at our fingertips to add, view, and make visibile amongst each other. Welcome to share this and present it as needed. This represents the community and resident point of view and no official city staff, liaison, representative, commissioner, or any other role.

We all want happy communities and a prosperous society. So it's up to all of us to do our part to participate, consider each other, and be open to hearing the different points of views as much as possible. 

Volunteer: If you would like to help with things like memorializing facts and outcomes of meetings, sharing best practices or community meetings that provide expertise etc, please let me know. The goal is to capture, track, share, showcase the data and inputs from the community that support the betterment of the overall community, not provide an opinion or judgement. 

  • General Community Input: Provide your input and comments to the happenings of our City and see everyone else's.

  • Project Community Input:  See input from the community on various development projects.

  • Meetings and Learnings:   View some interesting meetings the community is attending and sharing the findings, like Complete Streets, etc.

  • Results of Council Meetings: Whenever possible, the results of the meeting will be posted here.

Hopefully this can do that and make it easy for us to know about your city.